VW Racing Cup

The Volkswagen Racing Cup celebrates it’s 21st anniversary in 2021 and is widely regarded as the most exciting saloon car championship in the UK. 2021 sees the series move to an all-new package, once again alongside the Goodyear Touring Car Trophy and TCR-UK series.

This brings with it greater attention at race meetings and allows teams to run both VW Racing cars and TCT/TCR cars at the same events.

Each year the championship has with new cars, new teams and new drivers joining us and inviting novice drivers up to touring car drivers. 2021 will build this with many of the teams running cars in both the VW Racing Cup and the Goodyear Touring Car Trophy. All with the goal to making the Volkswagen Racing Cup by far the most successful race championship in the UK.

Championship Highlights

  • Proven training ground for drivers with ambitions to compete in the world renowned British Touring Car and British GT Championships
  • Live streaming and highlight coverage.
  • ‘Slicks and wings’ racing – a great learning environment with a fantastic range of professional teams competing to bring drivers on as they head up their motorsport career ladder.
  • Great new prizes for 2021 including the champion of the Volkswagen Cup who will receive a full TCT test, thanks to Maximum Motorsport.


View the latest driver standings for the VW Racing Cup

Drop us a message to get in touch.

Drop us a message to get in touch.

Drive in the VW Racing Cup with Maximum Motorsport

Maximum Motorsport have cars available as an arrive and drive package at all rounds of the VW Racing Cup. We can also support your own race car if you would like to run in a race winning team.

If you would like to get involved in racing with Maximum Motorsport, please contact us.