Goodyear Touring Car Trophy

The Goodyear Touring Car Trophy (TCT) has been created to bridge the gap between a range of existing saloon car race series’ and the BTCC.

Eligibility for the TCT encompasses a wide range of cars, including those with 2.0 turbocharged engines.

So, if you are a driver or team looking for Touring Car action for a fraction of a BTCC budget, this is the series for you!

Why join the Goodyear Touring Car Trophy?

The Goodyear Touring Car Trophy was established in 2019 to provide competitors the opportunity to enter an affordable and accessible series. Running alongside the TCR-UK championship, the British edition of the most popular Touring Car platform in the world, the format has already attracted top drivers and teams onto the grid.

2021 is set to build on the first two seasons with a new package that includes the hugely popular and highly competitive Volkswagen Racing Cup on the same bill. Consequently the racing is destined to be closer and more exciting than ever and therefore, will attract the attentions of the media and public. It’s a win-win all round!

The Goodyear TCT is open to wide range of Touring Cars, some of which would now be either ineligible or uncompetitive in the BTCC. These include:

  • NGTC
  • Super 2000
  • International and National series 2 litre Turbocharged
  • Seat Leon Eurocup
  • Seat Super Copa 2

Whilst the TCT provides competitors with these cars a professional and high profile environment in which to race, organisers are confident that its greatest appeal will be that of cost, especially when compared to the size of the budgets required to compete in the TOCA package. To find out more, please get in touch.

Drive in the TCT/TCR-UK championship with Maximum Motorsport

Maximum Motorsport owns a 2018 Cupra TCR car that is available as an arrive-and-drive package for rounds of the TCT/TCR-UK championship.

During 2019 the Cupra achieved a great deal of success, winning races and consequently, the championship.

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